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Hello everyone!  We are going online!!! :)

No worries, we’ve got this!

For my class you will be working in google slides like we’ve done before.

Below is a link to get to the assignments.  You will find instructions and a jeopardy game board where you will choose which assignments you want to do.  YOU HAVE CHOICES!!!!!!!!



  • Create a google slides presentation. Use your name and hour for the Title!
  • Document your work with pictures, pictures of the worksheets, etc.
  • Put your pictures on the presentation like you did for other presentations
  • email it to me:  
  • You will only need to send it to me one time. Make sure you allow me to edit it!
  • As you do more assignments, add more slides to your presentation. It will automatically update to mine.
  • I will leave you a message on your presentation to let you know I have seen it.
  • Please email me if you have trouble with any part of this.

***I will be holding ZOOM  meetings once a week to answer any questions you may have. I have a link on the side of this page to see when the ZOOM meetings are scheduled for your class. Just click on the link at the scheduled time and you should be in. If you click the link a little before the scheduled time, just wait and you will be logged in once I open the meeting.


Here is the link for your assignments.

Copy of FACS Jeopardy